FS at the Todesgalerie
Feverspore at the Todegalerie, 1998

Dada, industrial and electronic music, and performance art/rock theatrics collide in the noise scapes created by Feverspore. From industrial-noise "rock" to found object "folk" to avant-garde settings of short stories by Poe and Burroughs, Feverspore's sound ranges from the extremely textural almost-listenable to the not-quite music-at-all inside joke (haha, you don't get it do you?). Feverspore was born out of the Reverend Sinister Twitch's set opening for LandSpeedRecord! at the Ottobar's second show ever. A series of live appearances at the Ottobars Anti-folk night and the Todesgalerie followed. Recorded material during this period included 3 official thoughhighly dubious albums and a live videotape. Feverspore disappeared as Sinister Twicth abandoned Baltimore in 2000, and he and Chthonik pursued work individually for a period.

Following Sinister Twitch's return to Baltimore, Feverspore began recording again, resulting in the "Cognotechnology" album. "Cognotechnology" marked the beginning of a new era for Feverspore, throwing new technology into the same Feverspore blender: digital audio via Max/MSP, circuit bent instruments by chthonik, and handmade electronics. Recording continues, with an eye to more live performances soon.


Since 1997, Feverspore has been recording and releasing material on Intentional Noise Media records. You can download tracks or order CDs from our ReverbNation store below.

Feverspore's "Cognotechnology" catalogs an ethereal soundscape of paranoia, swept by shifting waves of static. Mind control, illusion, the ghosts of other signals, hallucination, layered in electronic detritus.

"Salon de Libertad" captures Feverspore's first live show in 10+ years at Lamont Street Collective's 2009 Salon, for a low price download. "Salon de Libertad" gives you a first peek at forthcoming Feverspore tracks, Live!

For other Feverspore and Intentional Noise Media releases, contact Intentional Noise Media for catalog, pricing, and order instructions.

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